New Masculine Men’s Coach

Tips on Sex, Relationship and Masculine Confidence

     How To Be A MAN In Todays World

A Men’s Personal Empowerment Meet-up

Wednesday, March 26th, 2015 at 7pm PST

In this 90 minute introduction, you’ll hear from three seasoned facilitators of men’s work on their methods to have the relationships you want, better connection to purpose, and practices to have the sex life you want.


Coaching Men Into The New Vision Of Healthy Masculinity

All around the world, men are looking for an empowered way to face their inner and outer challenges.
Through this journey of Initiation, men will experience insights into their own personal and spiritual development.

Gain sexual mastery to experience deeper levels of intimacy and ecstasy

Understand Masculine / Feminine dynamics to experience secure and happy in relationship

Embody Masculine strength and confidence

Clarity and alignment around life purpose and career

Cultivate a fierce loving heart to create impact in the world