Evolutionary Men’s Coaching

Coaching Men Into The New Vision Of Healthy Masculinity


My goal is to provide men with an understanding of the emerging vision of masculinity, while gaining experiential insights into their own personal and spiritual development. My work is to support men in their initiation into the modern masculine. The modern masculine is a way of being in which men are living in integrity with their life mission and clarity of true purpose. This masculine way of being asks men to step beyond the hollow macho tough guy and new age dreamer stereotypes into the power and depth of the modern heart-centered and sexually empowered man.

Every man has his story, struggles, and wins on his life path. To skillfully navigate this path can be very tricky and filled with obstacles that do not make any logical sense. The simplicity of what I have learned is that the way past the obstacle is through the obstacle. To use our life as fuel for our growth is the lineage I have been initiated in and the work I do with men is based on that premise. Our life as our practice allows us to better relate to what is, not what should be.

If you have landed on this page you have a strong enough desire to create the life you have always dreamed. I see living examples of it everywhere. All you need to thrive is to have enough openness, enough strength to start the journey, and enough longing to live your fullest version of yourself.
Are you inspired to change? Are you ready for new beginnings? Do you want to be of service to the greater good?
I commit to being your support and guide on the journey.

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