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Begins Sept 2018
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​I’ve seen Zat take men from some of the deepest darkest parts of themselves and lead them out into the light​, with strength and compassion.  His methods are dynamic and his work is unique.  Zat Baraka has a gift to share with the world, and is someone who has truly walked the path of growth and transformation himself.  He doesn’t just talk the talk.  His blend of deep spirituality and earthy realness makes him very relatable, and an excellent mentor, facilitator & coach.  Highly recommended.

Serge Berliawsky, Musician / Yoga Instructor / Business Owner

Very powerful! Zat has been inspirational and monumental in introducing practices into my life that continue to keep me grounded and on a healthy, enriched path. His work has helped me identify and remove toxic negative thought patterns that have been recurring for years, and I am now able to see well beyond the limiting beliefs that I had been placing on myself for far too long.
Mark D. Burton, Production Sound Mixer For Film &Television

I’ve spent a good part of the last 10 years of my life participating in personal development seminars, yoga trainings, meditations, etc to foster my personal growth and discovery. Prior to attending Zat’s workshop series, I felt quite comfortable in my skin, confident in my path, and spiritually peacefully. I knew there was room to grow (there always is) and had specifically been researching men’s groups here in LA. My initial take from participating in one of Zat’s men’s workshops was that he was a charismatic leader and a lucid & eloquent communicator. I instantly decided to sign up for his workshop series: “Men’s Initiation Journey”. Zat possesses a deep knowledge of the material he presents and profound emotional intelligence, rarely found in most men I have met. At no economic benefit to him, he has reached out to me on several occasions throughout the course to check in with me and help me unearth the remedy to my personal troubles. I am truly grateful that Zat is doing this work within our community, empowering men to be authentic, confident and to love deeply and fearlessly. I would recommend him to any seekers on the path.

Robert P

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